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  Specialized Skin Treatments

   Galvanic Cellulite Treatment

  A small current is passed through each area of concern, cleansing & nourishing the skin via electrochemical stimulation. Our Certified pure Aloe gel is used as the conduit.

  This results in trapped fluid and fat being disbursed, thus improving the appearance of the skin and muscle tone.  Once per week is recommended for a 6 week period for best results.   

                                                                                  Thirty minutes                        49.

                                                                                  Package of 6 treatments        285.


     Diamond Microdermabrasion

   These are actual photos on a recent client of Wendy's. Treatments were performed 2x per week for only 4 weeks with amazing results!

                                                                          One treatment                                55.

                                                                          Package of 3 treatments                150.                 


   Microcurrent ~ Fitness for the Face! (Available May 1st)

     The ideal service for a non-invasive facelift, Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses. Signs of aging are greatly reduced  while skin tone and elasticity are dramatically improved with No Down Time.

  Once per week for a 6 week period is recommended for best results.  

                                                                            One treatment                             49

                                                                             Series of 6 treatments                269





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