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About Reflexology

 Reflexology is a science based on the principle that certain points in your feet, hands, ears & face correspond to organs and systems of the body. With proper manipulation and palpation of these reflex points, it enables the body to put itself back into balance via nerve system response.

The Benefits

  • -Induces the Relaxation Response
    • The amount of harm stress can cause the body equals the amount of help the Relaxation Response can do to correct it.
  • -Improves Circulation
  • -Improves Lymphatic flow
  • -Improves Nerve Function which in turn...
  • -Boosts the Immune System
  • -Allows the body to fix itself, as intended
  • -Reduces Pain & Inflammation
  • -Reduces the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Don't Be Fooled!

Reflexology is not Massage. Many Massage Businesses are now listing Reflexology as one their massage services. Unless they have a Certified Reflexologist on staff, what they're really offering is foot massage, not Reflexology, which is a specialty all its own. While we all know that a foot massage feels wonderful, it does not enable one to experience the benefits of Reflexology.
Massage Therapy is very therapeutic, but if your looking for Reflexology, you want a Certified Reflexology Practitioner, not a Massage Therapist doing Reflexology.

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