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 Reflexology and Foot Treatments

 *For CBD Infused Reflexology, add 10. to your treatment of choice

 Sole Reflexology...

 Focusing specifically on the feet and legs to relieve congestion in various  body systems  as well as to stimulate relaxation. An excellent choice for those suffering from   Plantar   Fasciitis or other foot pain.

 Forty-Five Minutes                                        55

 The Stress Buster

   Beginning with stimulation of  the reflexes on the hands, the Reflexologist then works on your feet & legs, followed by the ears, head and       neck, thus encouraging  lymphatic   drainage,   detoxification and deep relaxation.

   Sixty Minutes                                                         69

  Seventy-Five Minutes                                        85

  Ninety Minutes                                                   110

 Signature Head to Toe Cranio...

 Our most popular treatment, the Reflexologist begins with manipulation of your feet & legs, stimulating the relaxation response, then works  on the ears, head and   neck, allowing you to slip into deep relaxation. You won't know what hit you! 

   Sixty Minutes                                                 65

 Lima Ma Vae 

 For those overworked hands and feet! Your treatment begins with a warm rejuvenating foot wrap. The Reflexologist then works the  reflexes on the hands,  followed by specific   manipulation of the feet , stimulating lymphatic drainage, detoxification and deep relaxation. 

   Sixty Minutes                                                      75

 Polarity with Reflexology

   Restoring balance through the five elements of nature; coupled with Reflexology it will improve energy flow & function, enhancing               clarity. A wonderful treatment for   those dealing  with stressful situations, both past and present.

   Sixty Minutes                                                         65

 Smoothie Callus Peel

    Relax and put your feet up while we make those stubborn calluses disappear!  Coupled with an invigorating massage on    your       calves and feet with an intense   moisturizer.  Enjoy a cup of Herbal Tea or a glass of  Wine while we pamper you!

   Thirty Minutes                                                35  

  Steamy Peppermint Foot Scrub

   For those tired legs and feet,  the dead skin is exfoliated followed by steamy towels, a peppermint and lemonpeel moisturier and a relaxing massage on the calves and feet!   Ahhh...the perfect ad-on to a Reflexology treatment.

   Allow 20 Minutes                                                 25

  Warm Rejuvenating Hand & Foot Wrap

   Soothing and beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis. A natural, petroleum-free alternative to parrafin. A rich blend of palm, soy, jahoba and organic coconut oils plus shea   butter, Vitamin E, and essential oils to moisturize and leave the skin soft & supple. A relaxing  hand and/or foot massage is included in this service.

   Hands or Feet                                                         20

   Hands & Feet                                                          35






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